Pascal Studio and DataRobot Bring AI to Supply Chain


Pascal Studio and DataRobot have formed a strategic partnership to bring AI to supply chain. DataRobot is the world’s leading AI Cloud platform and Pascal Studio is leveraging these capabilities to transform supply chain around the areas of automation, forecasting, predictive analytics, and improved data quality.


Pascal Studio’s SkyView platform allows rapid development of custom solutions allowing existing infrastructure to remain in place and be augmented with AI and workflow management. DataRobot’s market-leading AI capabilities around continuous model improvement and predictive accuracy are unique to supply chain.


As an example, Pascal Studio has implemented DataRobot’s anomaly detection capabilities to understand logistics data quality and make better predictions on what shipments are late (a lack of data is as important as data in predicting shipments). Additionally, Pascal studio built a predictive model to forecast revenue and inventory leveraging DataRobot AI. The customer got visibility into end-of-quarter cash positions and could evaluate options throughout the quarter to improve performance.


About Pascal Studio:

Pascal Studio automates the enterprise supply chain. Through integrating the latest technology in AI (DataRobot), real-time analytics (Rockset), and Graph (TigerGraph), Pascal’s Skyview platform not only provides a data platform but also customizes pre-built modules to fit each customer’s individual needs. Pascal provides normalized and contextualized data from within, and outside of, your supply chain and provides advanced analytics or workflow automation to solve any challenge. Pascal minimizes time-to-value and removes the learning curve to utilize the latest technology.


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